Class Descriptions


Your best girlhood dance parties are back, and they're making you sweat. Follow your instructor as she challenges you to keep up and makes you shine with simple but high impact dance moves to fresh playlists. Athletic footwear required. Jumping centric class.



This all-sculpting class creates lean muscle using light resistance, low impact and heavy repetition. No bulk, all burn! Arm and ankle weights and bands utilized. Athletic footwear required.


Signature Combo

This combination toning/cardio class warms up with intense, head to toe resistance training featuring arm weights, ankle weights, and/or resistance bands, creating a completely aligned mind body connection that's ready to move. Class transitions to follow along cardio dance, sending your heart rate pumping and helping you walk out in total confidence an drenched in sweat. Athletic footwear required.


Signature 45

This is a condensed 45 minute of our signature combination sculpt and dance cardio class format. Get the same burn and sweat and be back to your day!


Master Class

Master Trainer Cristin Caulfield takes over the floor in this lab class, featuring her newest ways to max out your body and mind through choreographed dance routines. Channel your inner Britney, Janet or Jennifer when you bring it all to the floor in the challenging but rewarding hour. Bring both your athletic shoes and heels - you never know what style of burn you're going to get. Intermediate teaching level with all skill and experience levels welcome!


Hip Hop Humpday

Former Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blues Dancer and professional fitness rockstar West Hardin brings the best hip hop tunes and moves to the floor, teaching fresh choreography that empowers yourself while putting your body to work. Athletic shoes required.


Drill Prep

Get ready to shine under the Friday Night Lights in this skills and technique class focused on strength training, core development and combination reviews taught by the best drill coaches in town. The best way to enhance your season or prep for auditions.


Kids Movement

Let the whole family move and perform for better physical and mental health when you all come to Caulfield's! Our children's classes offer an encouraging space to explore dance and movement while you attend class to be your best. Staffed by teachers with dance and early childhood experience, this is a great way for your child to explore movement without the commitment of traditional dance classes.