Cristin Caulfield

Cristin’s lifelong passion for dance has awarded her the opportunity to choreograph for Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani's tour dancers, dance in Las Vegas productions with Carmen Electra and perform center court as a Dallas Mavericks Dancer. Caulfield has been a top trainer and dance program developer in the Dallas boutique fitness studio scene since its onset, racking up awards and accolades by Studio Hop and D Magazine. Welcome to Cristin’s place for you to dance it out, find resilience and bring your alter ego out to the world!



As a full-time professional dancer and choreographer, the studio is Lyndsay’s natural habitat (besides the pool!). Lyndsay’s drill technique and choreography most recently impressed a few famous faces on America’s Got Talent! She loves putting the burn in your behind while pumping dance favorites like Janet Jackson. By the end of her class, you’ll be ready to live Lyndsay’s motto of “treat yo’ self!”

IG: _lyndsss



Alika’s been dancing and performing her entire life. (You may recognize her from the TV.) A believer that movement cures everything, she’s all about getting her daily twerkout in that gives her arms that burn and opens her heart! Her big question in life is, “What’s up with us all pretending to be normal?!” Leave that ish at home when you lace up your sneaks and head to her classes at Caulfield’s! 

IG: alikaray



We’re here to tell you a little more about the woman and force behind…#thoseabs. You may have thrown down on West’s killer Instagram fitness challenges. Here’s your spot to get into the zone with her IRL and see her life-long pursuit of dance - from nailing high school competitions, collegiate dancing as a Georgia Bulldog and, most recently, a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blues dancer - get you to your fitness goals. Be ready to put yourself out there and laugh in class with West and some of her close friends like Jay Z, Drake, Migos, A$AP, Tyga, Cardi, Nicki and the rest of the gang!

IG: westgissinger



Jill’s all about finding the beauty of every day, making the world a more exciting place to live as an architect by day and dancing every time she’s away from her drafting table. If you love a rock sing-a-long, be ready to belt it out (water bottles are always an acceptable pretend microphone) as you blast your abs in her sculpt sessions. As Jillian believes, you’re only one good workout - and, hopefully, a few dog sightings - from your happiness! 

IG: jilljillsabella



Lilly’s got big dreams, big goals and big plans to get you both the best workout ever before it’s time to hit the carpool lane. A trained musical theater dancer and performer, you’ll catch Lilly running thangs at Caulfield’s when she’s not teaching or in the front row dancing along in class! Her focus is on fun, community and strengthening your resilience and personal connection to yourself - with the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack on as often as possible! 

IG: openheartedhome